12 Best Sales Email Subject Lines

Email is one of the most economical methods a sales agent can use to market products to a new prospect.However, feedback is not always guaranteed when contacting a prospective buyer for the first time(cold emailing).The subject line is the most important component of an email that a sales representative can use to grab the attention of a prospect.It should be honest and void of misspellings. Below are some of the best sales email subject lines inspired by companies like from Roojet that one can use in cold emailing;

1.”(Name) referred me to you.”
Naming a referral in the subject line warms up the engagement between a sales agent and the prospect due to the trust that comes with knowing the referral.

2.”(Name)can we help you?”
Inserting the prospect’s name in the subject line emphasizes that the message is solely for them.People always respond positively to hearing or seeing their names mentioned and this will surely attract a prospect’s attention.

3.”(Situation) at (Company name).”
Mentioning the name of the prospect’s company in subject line helps personalize the relationship between the sales agent and the prospect.Example of such subject line is,”Personnel training at Austin Holdings.”

4.”Quick question.”
People find uncertainty unsettling and would do anything to clear the ambiguity.Therefore, teasing a prospect with the subject line would prompt them to open the email to satisfy the urge to alleviate the uncertainty.

5.”Question about(goal)”
This line gets the prospective buyer into wondering what the question is all about and hence will open the message to alleviate curiosity.

6.”Do not open this email”
This is part of using the art of reverse psychology in cold emailing.Advising the prospective buyer not to open the email will arouse curiosity and definitely prompt him or her to open your message.

7.”I hope all is well.”
It implies that the agent has a genuine concern for the well being of the prospect.This prioritizes the relationship between the buyer and sales agent unlike many emails sent to serve an agent’s personal interest.

8.”I have a new idea for you.”
This attracts the prospect into the urge of knowing what the new idea involves and definitely draws a response from them.The sales agent must mention the idea in the message.

9.” One more thing.”
This line preys on the buyer’s curiosity and will have to open the email to know what the sales agent is offering.

10.”Can I help?”
This goes in line with the Always Be Helping(ABH) tactic in marketing.This shows the sender is eager to add value to the prospect.Therefore the buyer opens the message.The well-written message will drive the buyer into replying it.

11.”X tips or ideas for (A specific pain point)”
People find it easy and quick to read lists.Mentioning a number in the subject line grabs the prospect’s attention.The sales agent should ensure that the tips focus on the specific pain points that the prospect is experiencing.This enhances the credibility of the sales representative and guarantees the buyer’s feedback.

12.”A (benefit) to (prospect’s company)”
The personalized subject line and the specified benefit will draw the prospect’s attention into reading and reply the message.The sales representative may format the line as follows,”A new HR strategy for Austin Holdings.”

The best sales email subject lines will be of much help to a sales representative looking for new customers and will go a long way into helping them get timely responses.