Crucial issue for social security card

This is a very crucial issue cause it can lead to identity theft and knowing that the FTC or Federal Trade Commission states that identity theft strikes about ten million Americans every year, find out more from The risk detailing to identity theft are huge that’s because if someone possesses your social security details or card they are capable of doing all kinds of things with it like trying to acquire a job and maybe get employed in your name or even try to acquire a tax refund cheque or maybe even file for taxes using your SS or social security card.

Perhaps even claiming a refund cheque might have been intended for you and then they can also employ your social security number to conduct unauthorised financial transactions like getting loans, credit accounts, mortgages and all kinds of financial sabotage. They might even have the capability of tapping into your bank accounts by just having knowledge of your SS or social security details. So you would definitely want to shut this problem down as soon as possible. Once acquiring the knowledge that someone is in possession of your SS or social security card or once you get to know that you have lost your SS or social security card.

What do you do?

Firstly you do want to get in touch with the authorities, if there’s been any type of foul play involved or you just can’t find social security or SS card. You will have to do this cause you will want to file an official record of what’s happened because the next stage will require you to get in touch with the credit bureaus as well to inform them if you’ve been victimised by identity theft and they too would like to know if you’ve registered/recorded any kind of complaint. If you come to find out that someone has indeed used your SS or social security number to open unauthorised accounts, you should either put a fraud alert or credit freeze on every single one of your credit accounts. These three files are managed and maintained by the three biggest credit bureaus namely TransUnion, Experian and Equifax. While your still in the process of undertaking any kind of fraud that you have been victimised by if you have lost your SS or social security card.

You do want to make the IRS aware of this situation. These is because the IRS has structured a whole division known as the Identity Protection Unit to combat situations like this. You would want to get in touch with them cause you don’t want anyone to file for taxes using your lost social security number. So that’s why you need to make the IRS aware that your SS or social security number may have been been misappropriated. Some other authorities that you should contact are the FTC. The FTC have a toll free number 1-877-FTC-HELP(1-877-382-4357), where you are able to report crimes like misappropriation, identity theft or loss of your SS or social security number. Since i have mentioned the IRS, i have to let you know that you can go to the IRS site at IRS.GOV and search for the Identity Theft Unit that i have previously mentioned, they too have a toll free number it’s 800-9008-4490.

Get this issue taken care of cause as i have earlier mentioned identity theft is one major problem that you don’t have to go through or get victimised. Cause all you need to do is to take some safe precautions and employ some very vital common sense that i have just mentioned.