Dangers of not having a lawyer on your side for a DUI

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Driving Under Influence (DUI) is one of the most common traffic offences in the US. Out of the over 250 million registered drivers, more than one million of them are arrested every year for DUI and related traffic offences. It can range from a simple misdemeanour chargeable by a fine or community service, to a serious felony that can result to incarceration, a hefty fine, or both. A DUI lawyer can greatly influence the success of your case before a local judge for any DUI offence you are arrested for. The following are reasons why it is crucial to have a DUI Lawyer on your side for a DUI offence.

1. They know the law better
Various statutes, including the Constitution, provide for various rights that we inherently adopt as human beings. Lawyers are in the best position to understand the rights of a DUI offender and the ways to go about it in the legal system. Many DUI offenders make the mistake of talking too much during the arrest and end up incriminating themselves for other chargeable offences. This culminates in a serious case by the prosecutor, which translates into harsh convictions. Seeking the services of a DUI lawyer enables you to have a better understanding of your rights as a traffic offender and the ideal solution to facilitate a reasonable conviction. This also enables you to refrain from actions that can make your DUI offence serious. It is hence prudent to ask for a lawyer immediately you are arrested irrespective of the extent of damage caused during a DUI offence.

2. They understand the system better
Professional DUI lawyers are more conversant with the ins-and-outs of the legal system, something that many of us are not familiar with. The handling of the case is hence more convenient and likely to take a short period for a DUI offender with a lawyer by their side. This results from their ability to know all documents to fill out, the type of calls to make, scheduling and facilitating hearings, and the various steps taken in DUI cases. Moreover, many of them are acquainted with the judge hearing your case, which may be beneficial during the judgement. It is hence prudent to seek the services of a DUI lawyer as compared to going into a case on your own.

3. Time-saving and Cost Effective
Contrary to the belief of many, legal services for a DUI offence are cost-efficient and timesaving as compared to going it alone. Different DUI lawyers charge different fees for their services depending on their experience and the extent of damage caused from the offence. A DUI lawyer understands the procedure, paperwork and technicalities of handling a DUI case, which enables you to save a lot of time when handling the case. Moreover, they are conversant with the ideal and cost-efficient ways of dealing with a DUI charge. Better yet, they know the approach to take to make the conviction less weighty and reasonable if it is a court fine. This enables you to save money in the long run since the more the case stalls in court, the more expensive it eventually becomes.

Just like in other offences, the services of a lawyer remain highly crucial for DUI offences. Although some offenders prefer to go alone when dealing with a DUI offence, it is prudent to seek the services of an experienced DUI lawyer irrespective of the type or extent of the DUI offence committed. Doing so does not only guarantee you a fair trial but also translates into reduced costs, efficient trial procedure and the possibility of acquittal.