Living and Real Estate in Houston

Houston is not really about cowboys, oil, dirt, and oppressing heat. People in America have now come to realize that Houston is the best city in the country. The industries in this area are thriving. There are a lot of development from housing sectors tojob creation. Let’s discuss the benefits of buying a home in Houston. Last year, around 49,800 people relocated to Houston. There is an increase in demand for land and homes in Houston with more than 4000 people moving in each month. Texas is the top move to State in America, next to Florida. This means that there are around 275 people moving into Houston every day. All Houston natives are so proud of their city, they all have benefited from living in the city one way or the other.

Cost of Living

Living in Houston is a lot cheaper when compared to other metropolitan cities. Houston provides you the mood of big city life, but exclusive of a heavier price tag. Houston has the third lowest cost of living among 20 most populous metropolitan areas. You can buy a home near the workplace and reduce the commute time and save some money on gas and car repair. House prices in Houston are less expensive than Austin, another city in Texas. And another positive is that there is no State income tax in Houston.


Houston has a wide variety of housing options, from downtowns to single-family homes in the woodlands, thanks to the greater diversity of Houston. Houston’s housing options have everything for all ages, and that too with the right price. Housing in Houston is more affordable. Housing costs are 36.6 percent below average and can get acquired through sell my house fast houston.


Though known as the coolest city in America, it averages to 18 days in a year with a temperature below zero degree Celsius. Since 1939, there were only 15 assessable snow falls. Houston has blue skies and pretty good climate, you can enjoy the weather in Houston the whole year. Outdoor activities won’t be disturbed by rainfalls and snowfalls, like in other countries.


Houston is a very good place for education. Students living in Houston have access to all well-known universities and schools in Texas. Houston has the largest HISD with 57 percent and operates 283 schools. There are more resources available to students in Houston. When you complete your primary education and high school in Houston, you will have the option to study in top universities in Texas with a significantly discounted in-state tuition fee. Healthcare

Houston has been known for its top-rated healthcare system. It is the best place to be, in case of Healthcare system. The Texas Medical Centre is the world’s largest medical complex, with 52 medical research and academic institution and lot more. The hospitals in Houston are ranked top among other states.

Outdoor Recreation and Sports

Enjoying outdoors is common for Houstonians. Unlike other cities where people like to spend time indoors living their self, Houstonians love to go outdoors and enjoy their days in all four seasons. Outdoors in Houston is a peaceful place with a lot of greenery. It has two large urban parks.

Houston is a city with people devoted to sports. It hosts the largest Livestock Show and Rodeo every year. Houstonians enjoy all kinds of sports, like basketball, soccer, football, etc.

The above reasons make Houston more desirable city to move in, or buying a home. Houston is the favorite city in Texas for people who like to move to Texas. This increase in the number of people moving into Texas is due to the increase in job opportunities. As the city has developed, there are a large number of jobs created every year. So people want to move into Houston because it is more affordable than any other states in Texas.