Moving Made Easy

It’s that time of year again. The lease is up and you have a few hours left to say goodbye to the place you called home for the last 12 months. Somebody turn on “I Like To Move It” by so we can pack the cars and hit the road. But wait, one last check using before you go, just to make sure you didn’t forget anything.

Got everything packed? Check. Dropped off the keys? Check. Cleaned up before you left? Kind of. And most importantly, did you change your address? Um. Didn’t think so.
Like most movers you forgot one of the most important things you have to do to make sure your move is a 100% success.

Here’s why you should pay for someone to help you change your address: First off, it’s easy. Having someone do something for you usually is. Besides, you have enough to worry about between organizing the move, and maybe spending more time on the big cleanup before you go.

But why pay? Moving is already pretty expensive. Factor in the security deposit, first month’s rent, truck rental, and other miscellaneous things like moving boxes and cleaning supplies. All of this together adds up to be “why the heck would I spend another penny on something I can do on my own?”.

The truth is, you’ll end up paying to change your address one way or another. If you go ahead all lone wolf style, you will still have to pay a fee to ensure the change in address is processed. Afterwards you have no way of knowing if it was processed correctly until your mail is delivered; or not. And then you may have to pay again if the change wasn’t done correctly. This scenario is totally avoidable by paying someone to help you change your address. Its one and done with no extra stress added.

If your still wondering why you should pay for someone to help you change your address, think about it this way. If you manage to do a good job cleaning, you get more of your security deposit back. And that money more than covers the cost of paying someone to help you change your address. Changing your address seems simple, but rarely ends up being that way. Why take the gamble of messing up such an important task? Let a professional do it for you. Or else risk complications down the road.

Changing your address incorrectly could mess things up for your otherwise perfectly planned move. For example, having your mail going to the wrong place could end up being a disaster. At best, someone else could be using all your hard earned coupons from your favorite stores. At worst, somebody out there could completely steal your identity, open up a few credit cards in your name and well…you know what happens next.

So why worry about anything other than unpacking and organizing your new home? Take some of the hassle of moving. Let a professional help you change your address the right way. It saves you money, and a headache.