Why River Valley is a great place to Live

Located in Singapore, River Valley is a great place to live in because it caters to all age groups in a population. River Valley is located to the south of Orchard road. Living in River Valley is one of the best experiences because it means that one can live in a good residential area and at the same time enjoy the city nightlife without having to struggle. River Valley is the best place to live in because of a number of factors including:

1. Good transport
Accessing MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) stations is simple thanks to the many bus stops in the district. River Valley’s central location makes it easy to access all the areas around it and also just moving around within the area.

2. Quality education
Living here means that your kids have access to the best schools. River Valley has a number of highly ranked schools. These include Brighton Montessori River Valley, Anglo-Chinese Junior School, Zhangde Primary School, River Valley Primary School among others. The schools are convenient for both parents and children regarding dropping and picking your kids from school and the walking distance from the schools.

3. Entertainment
For fitness lovers, River Valley has a number of gym facilities and classes which will contribute to your well being as an individual. Those who are all about the night life are also well catered for. The pubs and restaurants offering exquisite meals and drinks to make your life awesome are widely known and attract a number of foreigners. Kids are also not forgotten. The Amazonia, which is a large indoor playground is guaranteed to give your kids an unforgettable experience. The trampolines, spiral slides, ball pit and other facilities are available to make play time fun.

4. Shopping
With Great World City and Valley Point malls around, residents and visitors of River Valley are able to get a good shopping experience. The two shopping malls house a number of shops, restaurants, beauty salons, toys shops, and other products. Great World City also happens to house a number of offices thus making it not just your everyday mall. Shopping in the many shops along the streets is a good way to spend your free time. Eng Tiang Huat will also interest you with its Chinese opera items.

5. Offices
River Valley hosts a number of offices including the Ministry of Manpower building. This means that you can be lucky to work a walking distance from home. Also, renewing and obtaining of work permits can be done at the Ministry of Manpower on your way home fromĀ https://www.8-st-thomas.sg/.

6. Residences, apartments, and rentals
In the colonial past, River Valley was occupied by Chinese merchants and Europeans, however, it now consists of more private housings. It also has a number of hotels and furnished apartments. Staying in this place is great because it has elegant and classy residences.

7. Health services
There are a number of clinics located in the area to ensure access to medical care. Also, this location seems to be an advantage since it has four hospitals around it which operate on a twenty-four hour basis.

River Valley covers all the aspects of your life making it the best and one of the most convenient places to live in.