The Science behind Sous Vide

Food and methods of cooking them have always been an interesting topic in every era. The fascinating way of cooking, described by Benjamin Thompson in 1799 and later adopted by Georges Paul in 1974, is the Sous Vide method of cooking. It is the technique of cooking the sealed packed items, and later these items are kept inside the boiling water and are cooked a huge number of hours.

The main reason this method is adopted is that the food cooked in this manner do not lose their juices and aroma. The food has a better texture, has its actual look, and does not lose its fat. The rationale for cooking the food by Sous Vide method is to maintain the perfect temperature so that the food could be prepared to perfection, without being over or under cooked.

Sous Vide has been incredibility adopted because of its unmatchable flavor preservation. The science behind sous vide is that it helps the cells of food walls remain stable. It is most widely used for cooking mean which hydrolyzes the connective tissues into gelatin, without heating the proteins of meat high. As a result, the meat is cooked just the right amount that it toughens the texture of the meat while keeping it soft and moist inside.

Cooking is fun when different methods are adopted to bring versatility to taste. Same is the reason that sous vide is not just used for meat products, but also for cooking vegetables. In case of veg cuisines, the moist and soft vegetables are less preferable as they may lose their stiffness in the process. Therefore, the vegetables are prepared under a temperature that preserves their crisp rather than making them soggy. The crispy vegetables are more desirable and pleasing. What a science of sous vide in this case is that the cells of vegetables are not broken due to the presence of pectic polysaccharides, which help the cells in the vegetables stay together.

Sous Vide is not only useful while cooking, but it is a very good way of preserving food. Its seal packing ability has the propensity of preserving the food in the refrigerator for a very long period. The preserving ability can be judged by the fact that astronauts can take food cooked through sous vide. They use this food while in space, and since they can’t cook food in the space due to the danger of combustion they use this method to cook there.

Undeniably! Even in food, Science does amaze us!

How can we forget caterers when it comes to talking food! Of course, caterers can preserve this food and use when there is a need. In fact, sous vide save them a fortune by preserving the food, keeping it fresh and maintaining the taste for days.

This method might not be a commonly used, but it is yet another very interesting way of cooking food. Once you get to try it, you’ll love it too since it does not only maintain the originality of real taste of the food but also saves us the cost by keeping food healthy.