Social Security Card Replacement

Losing your social security card is not really the best experience. As most people jokingly say, your life depends on it. Imagine, without the social security card you may not even get employed. This is in almost all states. So losing it can be quite traumatic. Again, you have to go through the process of replacing it which takes quite some time.

Well, it is always advisable that you don’t walk around with your social security card. You can choose to store it with your most valuable documents. If the tips on is done then you can avoid uncertainties such as losing it or misplacing it. It is one of the most important cards.  However, there’s some good news. Losing the social security card is not the end. You can have it replaced at the Social Security Administration in your state. It normally takes 10-14 days but in the end, you will still get it. Before you proceed to replace your card, you need to ensure you have all the supporting documents. These documents must all the originals not photocopies. The following is a systematic guide on how to replace your social security card.

Step 1: Download the SS-5 form online 

Everyone is computer literate these days, therefore, downloading a form online may not necessarily be an issue. As you download the form, ensure that you have a PDF reader software on your computer so that it is easy for you to view the form. You will then need to print the application using a standard white letter-size paper.

Step 2: Filling the SS-5 form 

After downloading the form and printing it, the next step is to fill in all the sections of the application accurately. You can use either blue or black ink but make sure that your handwriting is very clear. All the information that you provide while filling this form must be correct. For instance, your address must be an acceptable location. This will be helpful when the SSA will be sending your new social security card.  After filling in all the sections in the application form, ensure you sign it. This is because forms that are not signed may be denied.

Step 3: Gather all the required documents

After completing your application, you will need to have all the following documents if you are applying as an adult:
· US birth certificate
· US passport
· Us naturalization certificate
· US driver’s license
Sometimes you may be applying but you do not have all the above documents. In this case, you will be required to prove your identity by providing documents such as:
· US Military ID
· Health insurance card
· School ID
If you are applying on behalf of a child, you will use you will need to include the documents listed above as proof of identity for the both of you. In the case where the child doesn’t have a US passport or a state-issued non drive ID, then you can use the school ID, school record, religious record or an adoption decree.

Step 4: Submission of the application to the local social security administration office

After going through all the necessary requirements and ascertaining that you have all of them, you can now submit your form together with all the documentation. You can either send it via email or personally present it to your regional social security administration office.

The application process is quite simple. If you do everything the right way, then the replacement of your social security card will run smoothly.