The importance of jewellery repair


If there is anything which anyone could ever say no to, it would be Jewelry. We are always astonished by those cute little things and we all owned some jewellery at some point of time in our life.

If we are lucky enough, we could be able to own the jewellery forever without any issue. But unfortunately, that doesn’t happen often. We may lose the jewellery or jewellery may get damaged owing to external damage or through aging. Once it’s damaged, we don’t like to keep it away in a box forever. Few people do keep their damaged ones in a box without knowing what to do, to get it repaired.

For those few of you, you can get your jewellery repaired with so much less effort and money than opting to go for a new ones. Jewellery can be anything including rings, bracelets, chains etc. In few countries, they own a little more than these jewelry. Let’s say that your jewelry is damaged because of some reasons and you want to get it repaired. What will you do next? This will be the biggest question mark for many jewellery holders. Should you repair your jewelry? Do you just want to keep it idle? The answer will soon be clear at the jewelry repair store Elizabeth Diamond Company.

And again the jeweller cannot fix everything but still he could fix some repairs which is described below.


Rings are the most common jeweller people wear during their daily life. But there are many things which could make the user to keep the ring in a box. In case your fingers have grown pretty fast, you will not be able to wear it anymore. If you don’t want to keep the ring away, you must visit a jewellery repair shop to size your ring, in correspondence with your fingers. Sometimes the prong in your ring may need to be sharpened or replaced and that’s when you should go to a repair, because that’s what they are good at.

Repair-Chain, Bracelet:

Beauty of a woman never fails astonish any men but that beauty can be doubled, wearing a chain. Chains undergo many damage as they are more prone to breakage. Sometimes, the stone pellets may come out of the chain or the stones may be lost. We are not going to throw them just for that, right? They need a repair just like how we go to a hospital when we are sick.

We cannot go to a jeweller and get our jewellery repaired just like that. There are certain things we need to consider while doing the repair. Jewellery holders has to make sure that there have past the warranty period. A warranty may include lifelong repair support, stone replacements, chain breakage etc. It depends completely on the jewellers and their warranty terms and policies. So check the jewellery for warranty before you give this for a repair.

The reason most of us don’t repair a jewellery will be for the reason that it cost much. This is a serious misconception and the cost differs drastically depends on the type and level of damage. If the jewellery is rare, they will not be able to get the parts quickly for replacement and they will charge you more for this. If the part is easily accessible and the difficulty is less, they will do it for a little money.

So I have decided to repair the jewellery. Which jeweller should I approach? The solution to this is to approach a specialized jewellery workshop rather than going to the shop where we bought the jewellery. This is because they own very less tools to do the repair.


I don’t think anybody would want to go through these things. You should take good care of your jewellery because it is going to be with you for a long time. You should make sure that you polish the jewellery every six months and cleaning is done regularly. Instead of asking should you repair your jewelry, one should follow the proverb “Prevention is always better than the cure”.