What to do when SEO doesn’t work

I vividly remember, it was the summer of 2016, when I quit my job, and decided to put all my savings into a health project. Since, I was new to the market, and totally unaware of digital marketing, I initially decided to it by myself and not to rely on a professional. But here is a small mistake I made. I literally spent thousands on designing the website, importing the products and their shipping. But I gave least priority to the Essence of doing business online , which is, optimising your website on a search engine. I mean, How can you even expect people to find you, if you have no idea about the words they may type to reach a certain product? However, it soon hit me, and I took out 15% of savings and gave it to this startup, who claimed to bring it up within 15 weeks (something that Cincinnati Ohio SEO could actually do).

I trusted their word, because I had recently quit my job, I was enthusiastic about changing people’s world too, hence I said yes! So, they asked me to pay half the money upfront and rest of it when the work begins. I sensed something fishy there, but I chose to ignore it and gave them full payment, the day, they started their work. I waited for another week and excitingly emailed Rahul, to send me the reports on, what has been done till now. The way he mailed back, consolidated my belief that I may be risking my time and money with them. However, I waited another week. This time I wrote a stern email about the reports but all in vain. Hence, I immediately, took the screenshots of the Promise emails they had sent, and lodged a cyber-complaint against them. I received a reply from the cyber complaint website that their website has been taken down but they have not been able to reach out to them.

But, it was my hard earned money, how could I let them get away with it? I took a day off from other start up stuff, and decided to visit Rahul’s Friend whom he vaguely mentioned when we first met. Thankfully, I have a good memory. I was fortunate, that I found Rahul on his friend’s flat smoking up a Joint.

Well! Rest of the scene cannot be depicted in words, but I taught him a good lesson and took his car as a guarantee until he returned my money. It still took him another 2 weeks to return the money, but, I had an extra car to get my chores completed easily, for those 2 weeks. I do miss that!

Sometimes in life, you have to take the responsibility of your money, you have given your blood and sweat for that.

But I learned an amazing lesson from this incident. Never trust someone inexperienced in the industry, specially when you are running a business online and Looking for Search Engine Optimisation.

SEO is the soul of your website, Know how to Prioritise it.