Why Everyone Is Converting To Standing Desks


Are you looking for standing desks? Do you know what you need one in your office? Well, a standing desk is very crucial not only in making our offices nite but also helps to improve our health conditions. Standing desks are the new rage in offices today. Repeated complaints regarding health issues caused by long hours of sitting at the work desk led ergonomic designers to come up with a solution which was the standing desk.

Several offices are using the new desk, and today there is a growing shift from sitting desks to standing desks. But, are standing desks effective enough to eliminate the problems caused by sitting desks completely? Are they causing new problems we are still unaware of? Let us take a look at both the pros and cons of standing desks fromĀ deskview.co/blogs/products/floating-desk.

Advantages of standing desks

1. Provides more energy

Standing maintains blood circulation in the body, which keeps energy levels high throughout the day. The mind is active and alert at all times. Modern furniture in NYC offices are being designed to eliminate drowsiness during working hours, and standing desks are the ideal solution to this problem.

2. Maintains ideal posture

Sitting for long hours causes the backbone to bend towards the upper back, which might result in chronic pain at the back of the neck or the lower part of the head. Standing eliminates these posture related problems by keeping the body straight and upright all through the day.

3. Active engagement with surroundings

Office furniture in NYC is usually designed to encourage interaction among co-workers. Standing desks enables employees to interact with co-workers and rush back to their desks if needed with minimum delay, thereby, improving communication.

Disadvantages of standing desks

1. Causes fatigue

Working for hours continuously burns calories no matter what modular office furniture you use. You may consider this a good thing, the fact that you burn a lot more calories when you use a standing desk is a cause for concern as it might lead to extreme exhaustion and fatigue which in turn can lead to a loss of concentration resulting in lowered levels of productivity.

2. Sore Feet

Standing for too long puts your entire body weight on your feet which might lead to extremely sore feet at the end of the day. Your ankles might even swell up due to the pressure and cause acute pain.

3. Lack of privacy

Another downside to working in a standing position is that one is completely visible to the others which can result in extreme feelings of vulnerability.

Office furniture suites need to be designed so that they are comfortable and functional at the same time. It is a constant challenge for furniture designers and scientists as they strive towards creating furniture that reflects this necessary harmony. Standing desks were a fruitful step in the right direction, and they indeed have some benefits over traditional desks. But new concerns have emerged with their increasing use, and it is clear to see that the battle is only half won.